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    The Complete Irrigation Workbook has everything you ever wanted to know about landscape irrigation systems. Design, installation, inspection, maintenance, evaluation, problem solving and irrigation scheduling are covered in depth. READ MORE BELOW on "HOW TO BUY"... 

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The Complete Irrigation WorkBook

2nd Edition Publication date: December 2013
Original Publication date: 1995

This book covers everything related to landscape irrigation systems with emphasis on water conservation. Keesen has extensive field experience in every area of the landscape irrigation business including design, installation, maintenance, inspection, evaluation, problem solving and irrigation scheduling. If you do irrigation...this book is for you. 182 pages of vital information in an easy-to-understand 8 1/2 x 11" format. An in-depth guide to irrigation design, installation and maintenance plus water management.


CHAPTER 2: SCHEDULING FOR OPTIMUM PLANT GROWTH Proper irrigation scheduling techniques and the equipment required to achieve this are discussed here. Additionally such features as application rates, intake rates. Root zone depth, water-holding capacity, plant water use, irrigation frequency, time of day and controller features are explained.

CHAPTER 4: IN SEARCH OF UNIFORMITY Poor uniformity is the primary, unseen cause of dry and wet areas, high water costs and wasted water. This chapter looks at conditions that affect uniformity such as spacing, wind conditions, sprinkler operating pressures, sprinkler distribution profiles and slopes.

CHAPTER 8: IRRIGATIONS LIFELINE: ZONING AND ROUTING An irrigation system will fail unless suitable zones and pipe routing are correctly designed and installed. How to determine the size and area for system zones, the best location for the control valves, allowable pressure variations, and proper pipe routing are explained in detail in this chapter.

CHAPTER 11: SUCCESSFUL DRIP AND SUBSURFACE DRIP Drip irrigation equipment and management have improved dramatically over the last 10 years, reducing the level of maintenance previously required. This chapter explains how drip irrigation operates, advantages and disadvantages, emitter type, filtration, pressure control, and the effects of elevation. Subsurface irrigation, preventing vandalism, the design process, installation and maintenance are also discussed.

CHAPTER 23: GAUGING PUMP PERFORMANCE Pumping systems which fail to operate as designed are a result of poor suction conditions between the point where the water enters the pumping system (intake) and the pump impeller. Intake pipe sizes. Screens, lifting water from lower elevations, altitude, and atmospheric pressure and water temperature are some of the factors that affect pump performance.

Larry Keesen started worrying about water at an early age. He was 13 when he began hand watering lawns in the Denver Country Club. It's been uphill ever since. Keesen has been involved in every area of the irrigation business including contracting, design, installation, maintenance, and water management. He was one of the founding members of Xeriscape and served for many years on the Irrigation Association's Certification Board of Governors. He has been a consistent force in Denver's green industry through participation in the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Bob Cannon Award for outstanding service to the landscape industry. The Complete Irrigation Workbook is a great training tool for irrigation designer, installers and technicians.


The Complete Irrigation Workbook, 2nd edition is now available. 

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